Contracts & Grants Officer

Expired on: Jul 1, 2022

Job Title
Contracts & Grants Officer
Level of Effort
Full Time (8.00am to 5.00pm Mondays – Friday) 100%
Job Location
Akwa Ibom
Number of Persons Required
One (1)
This position reports to the Grants Manager.
Job Summary
 Will work with the Grant Manager, Director of Finance & Operation , Procurement,
Contracts and Grants to provide support to the administration for the management
of awards and sub-awards to include contracts, grants and cooperative agreements,
monitor workflows and help develop and implement systems to provide sound
management control over ECEWS compliance with award terms and conditions and
ECEWS policies.
 Responsible for the review of sub-agreement and subcontracting implementation
activities and contractual arrangements to ensure they meet with donor and
organizational regulations, review monthly Sub-Recipients Financial Reports and
Advance Request of Implementing Agents.
Task / Responsibility
 Support in routine monitoring and evaluation of grantee activities, validating and
documenting activities, providing clear feedback in areas which may require
improvement to achieve ACE program goals, and safeguarding against any potential
or perceived misuse of funds.
 Support the organization and maintenance of meticulous records for each grantee,
tracking and ensuring all necessary documentation (including individual grant
agreements, milestones certifications, and payment requests/vouchers) are on file
and are implemented on schedule.
 Act as primary contact point for all ACE grantees regarding technical inputs,
progress on implementation, grant award inquiries, deliverables and milestones,
budgets, payments, documentation, and compliant grant close-out.
 Serve as liaison between grantees, ACE technical/financial staff, and the ECEWS
HQ to clearly document and address any necessary issues or challenges encountered
during grant implementation.
 Work closely with individual grantees to identify and rectify any delays or problems
encountered in the implementation of the grants, ensuring issues are reported
immediately to the Finance and Administrative Manager and appropriate technical
 Participate in the design and solicitation process for future awards as well as the
selection of additional grantees; assume a lead role to ensure the process is wellmanaged and conducted in a timely manner so as to eliminate administrative
funding gaps between each new set of grant awards.
 Ensure grantee adherence to ECEWS and donor funding requirements and act as a
mentor as needed on USAID/ECEWS regulations.
 Assist ECEWS staff (back-stop and Contracting Officer) with accurate tracking and
reporting for federally-mandated reports as they relate to recipients of US
Government funding.
 Manage the compliant close-out of grants awarded by the ACE Project.
 Oversee the coordination of timely payment based on approved milestones; work
closely with grantees to enable CBOs to complete any delayed or incomplete
 Assist with the financial oversight and review/processing of payment
documentation (receipts) for any cost reimbursable ACE grants (standard grants) as
 Collaborate with program staff to establish the program’s annual objectives and
outline how to allocate the budget.
 Design and deliver assistance and training as appropriate for future grants programs
to educate grantees on grant mechanism-specific (ie, FOG or standard grant) US
Government regulations and requirements and provide mentorship in writing grant
proposals, budgets, and obtaining donor funding.
 Draft regular reports on the grantees’ progress and activities for senior and technical
 Contribute to project work plans, budgets, and annual/quarterly reporting.
 Other duties as assigned by the Director of Finance & Operations.
Job Requirements
 B.Sc. / B.A Degree in Accounting, Finance and Business Administration or its
recognized equivalent
 Master’s Degree in Finance and Business Administration or its recognized
 3 – 7 years relevant experience with donor contract, cooperative agreements, and
grant regulations
 Demonstrate experience and familiarity with grant-making mechanisms and grantee
management; experience administering FOGs is highly preferred.
 Knowledge of and prior experience with US Government rules, requirements, and
regulations (such as familiarity with ADS 303) on solicitations and second-tier
funding by prime recipients.
 Ability to effectively work independently and under a guidance of a supervisor.
 High-level organization and documentation skills, including the ability to track and
manage the activities of others (grantees).
 Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications such as MS Word, Excel, and Power
 Excellent diplomatic and communication skills, including strong written and oral
abilities in English
Typical Physical Demands:
 Typical office environment
Technology to be used:
 Computer, Microsoft Office 365 (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail), office
telephone, cell phone and printer/copier.
Travel Requirements:
 70% – 80%

Job Category: Operations
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Akwa Ibom Nigeria
Sorry! This job has expired.