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Glorywings Consulting

We exist to reposition people, countries, entities and organizations through knowledge transfer and systems turnaround for enhanced service delivery for the benefit of mankind and to the glory of God

We provide useful insights into business start-ups, risks assessments, management and overall integrity checks to enhance business continuity and sustainability.

We strengthen institutions’ mechanisms, and contribute to the sustainable growth of people, organizations/institutions and national growth of countries through the development, harnessing of human capital and proficient resource utilization.

We build up skills that challenge mediocrity and enable people to be responsible, responsive and take charge of their enterprises. We never go native in any assignment.

Our Services

Etiquette and Staff Grooming

We assist individuals, organization, entities and societies create sustainable visions that propel their overall focus, aims, and objectives that impact human and national development…

We undertake the following audits, Programmes, Cost Management, Human Resources and Personnel, Assets, ICT.

We groom top management executives on etiquette fit for their positions. We similarly groom executives’ spouses on etiquette.


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Suite 1, House 4, Block A29, Zone3
Games Village. Abuja. Nigeria.

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